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Updated Update v3.4 available for Download


* Support for X10 CM15 Status Reporting

* Support for 1-Wire Temperature Sensors

* Bluetooth Proximity Detection

* Velleman K8055 Driver

* Control / Monitor via SMS messages

* New extensible driver architecture

* New flexible event logic & functionality

* Support for the newer SAPI-5 TTS voices

* Support for up to 32 com ports

* Streamlined data handling

* Updated Look / On-Screen Display

* New E-mail Remote Access

* Advanced Log Reporting

+ Many other great enhancements!

See our ‘What’s New’ section for full details.


Advanced, versatile home automation software that’s easy to install, use and understand today, with countless possibilities for tomorrow!


AHL/3 is not just a basic app that does just one or two things, or some fancy inflexible web interface, but a fully fledged Windows application. Capturing the magic and low-level power of the computer, it can be adapted to almost any automation task, allowing you to create a truly unique home automation system that can seamlessly co-ordinate many home automation and other peripherals together with advanced features.


This can help save time and money by automating everyday tasks; improved security and energy usage by controlling lamps, appliances and HVAC automatically or remotely, whilst making your home even more efficient, interactive, safe, welcoming and fun!


aprs2AHL/3 is the only home automation application that can be accessed independently using an APRS equipped amateur radio!


AHL/3 has two-way support for X10 & UPB power line modules.

lgo4     UPB


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The APRS Remote Access feature requires an Amateur Radio License.

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New-> Support for X10 CM15 Two-Way Status Reporting, 1-Wire Temperature Sensors and Bluetooth Device Proximity Detection. New Low Price for 2013: Just £24.95 (about $39 USD / €29 Euro); Update 16/01/13 [] Improved RSS News Feeds and Driver Communications.